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Published by: roberttracyphd

Academic professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I teach theory courses in Art and Architecture History. In addition, I also curate exhibitions on campus as well as in other venues nationally and internationally.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. – After a little research and the informations provided in class I have come to realize what a prominent figure Petrarch was to the humanist movement. The contributions he made to the world are extremely prolific. I think that his place in history and his role in humanism, poetry and as a scholar is solidified as vital to the advancement of all of the arts. His quest for knowledge and his travel for pleasure was unheard of at that time. However, it allowed others to see or hear/read of his explorations and experiences which influenced others curiosity of the world. His actions and insatiable thirst for knowledge and experience is what lead him to be called the “father of humanism.”

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