Which predominates: Greece or Rome?

There is an enduring question which weighs the aesthetic merits of Greek art measured against those manifestations of Roman art.  Within this question resides a recognition that the Greeks found and fixed into visible form their vision of beauty by turning their gaze to the human body.  The Romans were so impressed by the Greek gaze and its contribution to art that they embarked on a wholesale copying of Greek art for placement throughout their Empire.  In the Western world, do we praise and place the Laurel Wreath on the Greeks for their vision or do we give the sign/symbol of success to the Romans for distributing it in such volume that it became synonymous with culture and civilization?  Between Greece and Rome, where would you place the garland of victory?  Your thoughts?


Garland of Victory 

Published by: roberttracyphd

Academic professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I teach theory courses in Art and Architecture History. In addition, I also curate exhibitions on campus as well as in other venues nationally and internationally.

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